Throwie Thursdays:

Funky Fresh Frydaze 9.26.14 

Some of the best times are created by the kick ass vibes we cultivate at Skytown Cafe/Bar/Poppin’ Space..that’s the fun thing about this place..you can create your experience. Not too many venues can contribute to versatility with a comfortable and chill, house party aura. A gem of a cozy, welcoming bar that Skytown has to offer, Vulgar Colors continues the good groove in Bushwick. Summer to Fall and we’re still rockin’!

We’re just happy to see a couple of things play out as these parties keep floating on: Folks on their feet nonstop; spotting smiles and laughter; and providing a Brooklyn experience you cannot receive elsewhere in this city. I have a lot of for the DJs that hook up the parties and simply just want to be down — they are down and that’s love. Music is meant to be shared, so it’s a beautiful thing for us all to be on one accord to push this movement. 

None of the sensational times could have happened without our doctors of this evening: DJ Ill Digitz | seecharlies | donwill | djprince .| Mega shouts to the homie and photographer, Courtney Jefferson

| Cheeba Cruz |